I’m Mattia and I’m a freelance graphic designer from Vicenza, Italy. I specialized in minimal web design and branding projects, offering a complete visual identity development for corporates and privates.

Dialogue is the key for a successful collaboration and that's why I start every project knowing my client and her customers, her needs and dreams.

My unique web and branding solutions will clearly convey your presence through the design of a modern logo and a color scheme appropriate to your activities, the realization of a clean and effective visual identity system and a communication strategy that harmoniously unites all these components.

Virtually all my work has a minimal flavor where I prefer simple lines, few colors, geometric compositions and very large space for contents. But I also like other styles or methods of work and when appropriate, I rely on them without delay.

I love listening to music while working to get a “charge” but also inspiration and concentration. I am an avid reader ranging over contemporary books to poetry and fantasy, science fiction and even comics and, naturally, I’m always surrounded by “technical” books about web design, branding theory, printing technics and much more.

I'm an electric bass player in a never-founded rock band and also a novels writer. My personal website showcases my first pubblication, The Castaway, and gives a sneakpeak to my upcoming writes.

I'm a married man and I try to live my life like a tightrope walker, advancing "step by step, from one end of life to the other". (Maxence Fermine, Snow)

Let's work together!